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ATV/UTV Disc Harrow (Offset-Style)

Atv Disc Harrow (Offset-Style) from Loyal Mfg.

ATV/UTV Disc Harrow (Offset-Style) from Loyal Mfg.

Ideal for Wild-Game Food Plots... Gardens

Great implement for hard "first" cultivation

Cut - Chop - Break - Level
Sod, Soil, Weeds, Stalks, Stubble, Clods, Ridges, Crust, Ground

Many Uses:
Wild-game food plots
Fire lanes
Seed-bed preparations
Discing-in fall garden vegetation
Weed control

Tows behind an ATV (400cc and larger, liquid-cooled) or utility tractor.
Heavier construction for increased soil penetration and longer life.
Wider, 44" width... covers ATV wheel tracks.
Built-in wheels for 1-step transport.
Transport wheels double as adjustable cutting depth wheels.

Overall dimensions: 84"L x 60.5"W x 31"H
Weight:  430 lbs.
See more details and comparison chart at the bottom of this page.

(LOY DH02) - $ 1075.00

Ships VIA Motor Freight. We will email you a freight quote
 for approval prior to charging your credit card.


Stronger Construction - Compare & Save
Loyal Offset-Style
(Model No. DH02)
Other Brands
Larger 16"-diameter disc blades
High-carbon steel/notched style
 - increased cutting action
Smaller 14"-diameter disc blades
Lower-carbon steel/plain style
  - decreased cutting action
Heavier disc-harrow weight - approx. 430 lbs.
  - increased soil penetration
  - better ground cutting and chopping
Lighter disc-harrow weight
  - limited soil penetration
  - less ground cutting and chopping
Wider 7-1/2" spacing between blades
  - increased soil flow
  - less soil plugging between blades
Narrow spacing between blades
  - decreased soil flow
  - more soil plugging between blades
Adjustable disc gangs
  - three cutting angles... from 20° angle for aggressive cut/chop... to straight across for cultivation
Non-adjustable disc gangs
  - no cutting-angle adjustment for different ground conditions
Offset front & rear disc gangs
  - increased stability and tracking
  -always cutting... no bounce or hop
  - more productivity per hour
Non-offset disc gangs
  - decreased stability and tracking
  - prone to bouncing & hopping
  - less productivity per hour
Disc-gangs mounted from larger 3" x 2" tube Disc-gangs mounted from smaller 2" x 2" tube
Thicker, gang-axle brackets (double U-bolted) Thinner, gang-axle brackets (non U-bolted)
Longer life, double-thrust, sealed, gang bearings Shorter life, non-sealed, sleeve, gang bushings
Stronger 1" square, hi-carbon-steel, gang axles Weaker 3/4" steel, gang axles
Heavier 2" square-tube, main frame Lighter main frame
Stronger triangle-shaped hitch Weaker straight-line hitch
Rotating 1-7/8" ball-coupling hitch
  - relieves twisting pressure on ATV bumper when disc pivots at ball during use
Non-rotating draw-pin hitch
  - creates twisting pressure on ATV bumper when disc pivots at hitch during use
Easy-adjust, cutting-depth-control wheel
  - adjust cutting depth for ground ground conditions
No cutting-depth-control wheels
  - no adjustment for ground conditions
1-step to convert from work to transport position
Mechanical easy-pull ratchet quickly lowers wheels from work to transport position
  - no need to unhook disc from ATV
  - no manual lifting and flipping required
6-steps to convert from work to transport position
No mechanical ratchet - operator must:
1) remove weights from disc,
2) unhook disc from ATV,
3) manually lift disc,
4) flip disc-harrow over onto disc blades,
5) rehook disc to ATV,
6) add back weights
Bigger, heavier tires
  - 13" O.D., 4-ply... heavier 1" bearings
Smaller, lighter tires
  - 12" O.D., 2-ply... lighter 3/4" bearings
Heavier 1" wheel axles mounted on 2" x 3" tube Lighter 3/4" wheel axles mounted on 1-1/2" x 3" tube
Powder-coated paint finish
  - better rust resistance - longer life
No powder-coated paint finish
  - less rust resistance - shorter life


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